Authority Spy Review

authorityspy-reviewAuthoritySpy is the latest software by Mark Thompson. It will allow you to search for the authorities and people with influence within your niche.

It was designed with internet marketers and simplicity in mind so all that you have to do is type in the keyword that you want more information on.

No More Manual Research

Authority Spy will then go out and find all the important websites and people related to that keyword. It will then pull out all the vital information about the websites.

Here are some of the information you will get:

  • All their social media profiles
  • Show you how many followers and fans they have
  • Will calculate a social authority score

So why should you care?

Once you know who all the important players are in whatever marketing you are in you can leverage their authority and huge mailing lists. This can be a real bonus to your current business.

Ever Used A Keyword Research Software?

Authority Spy is just like the keyword research software we have all used but it is for social influences instead.

The Internet Is Changing

social influenceThe internet is changing and social media is becoming more important everyday.

The big search engines like Google are starting to use social signals from places like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and social bookmarking sites as ranking factors. This will only increased into the future.

Long Tail Pro

You may have heard of one of Mark Thompson’s previous product Long Tail Pro. It was a huge success and he grossed over $300 000. The same software developer is behind AuthoritySpy so you can bet it is professionally done.

AuthoritySpy One Time Fee

This may surprise you since these days everyone seems to have reoccurring fees for their software.You can get a lifetime license of Authority Spy with future updates with a one time payment.

PC or Mac?

AuthoritySpy is an Adobe Air Application and it is compatible with both PC and Mac.


If you aren’t happy with the product you can get a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. So you can try it risk free. I hope that my AuthoritySpy review has helped you.

Authority Spy Review – See It In Action


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